Strengthen immunity naturally

This natural product is Nigella seed. It is a powerful immunity booster.
But this precious seed does not have an instant action and to take full advantage of its virtues, it must be earned.

Indeed, patience and perseverance are required because it is only after two weeks of daily intake that the seed begins to produce its extraordinary effect.
It provides a general well-being and restores energy, detoxifies the liver, but above all it strengthens immunity, making you less susceptible to illnesses.

You feel that you are contaminated by the cold, and think that it is gone for several days, and yet the next day you are in great shape: the disease has been eradicated in a few hours. Skepticism and weariness then disappear and nothing will make you give up taking these seeds every day.
It is enough to crunch 7 seeds in the morning and 7 seeds in the evening, preferably with a little honey.

It is not necessary to take more, that would not be is possible that you are sick in spite of the assiduous catch of seeds of Nigelle, because in medicine as in love, it is not necessary to say never nor always.perhaps you were overworked and exhausted your natural defences.

The fact remains that it is necessary to surround oneself with hygienic and dietetic precautions to keep in shape and live in good health:

  • Eat without excess and at mealtimes.
  • Do not go to bed too late and get up early
  • Protect yourself so as not to catch a cold
  • Wash your hands often, because viruses are also transmitted when shaking hands or after touching an object. A simple soap is enough, preferably with laurel oil, very antiseptic, no need for chemical disinfectants.
  • Disinfect the air with eucalyptus essential oil in a bowl of hot water. Eucalyptus is also very good for inhalation.

So, it is another medicine that I propose to you, it is not an alternative medicine, but the real medicine and the best, the most sensible and reasonable.



Biologist doctor.

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    • Xavier
    • 2023-12-02 18:31:39
    C'est ces quelques conseils que me donnaient aussi mes grands mères dans mon Sud Ouest natal . Merci pour ces rappels .