Soaps for sensitive skin

A very gentle composition

If Aleppo soap does not attack sensitive skin, it is primarily due to its very gentle composition. Indeed, the real Aleppo soap contains no perfume or dye but only soda plant, water and a high content of natural vegetable oils: olive oil and oil of bay laurel. Considered hypoallergenic, this soap for sensitive skin does not contain any elements likely to attack reactive skin, which it cleanses gently.

Nevertheless, it is advisable to be careful with "fake" Aleppo soaps which may contain palm oil, preservatives or even parabens which are, by definition, much less gentle for the skin!

What are the advantages for sensitive skin?

Opting for Aleppo soap is choosing to return to a more natural soap. This soap is indeed ecological and has all the necessary properties to preserve the hydrolipidic film of the skin.

Aleppo soap for sensitive skin also contains a high level of natural vegetable oils that provide hydration and soothing that sensitive skin needs.



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