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    Best badger shaving brush


    This high-quality brush, handmade, has been chosen for you by Alepia.

    It allows you to create a very nice foam with the Alep soap, or another shaving product.
    The emulsion made by the process straightens the hair and prepares it for shaving.

    High quality and rare, it is handmade from grey badger hair, ensuring a soft touch.
    The name "Best badger" is a sturdy and flexible hair scale that absorb water. Its hair density can create a thick foam.

    Recommended for all kind of skins.

    Dimensions : 100m (height) 46mm (handle) 35mm (knob)

    Best Badger Hair (first choice gray). High quality grey hair.

    Apply Nigella oil on your face while it’s wet, then rub the area you want to shave. Do not rinse.

    Wet the badger hair with hot water, and turn the foam up with the Alep shaving soap and spread it on the beard while making circular movements.

    Variation : Instead of applying oil with your hands, you can let the drop on the soap before turning up the foam.

    Born in 2004, Alepia offers a wide range of Aleppo soaps and natural cosmetics combining tradition, authenticity and effectiveness. Formulated with the least possible ingredients, our products are healthy and certified organic, natural and vegan. Dare to be natural!


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