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    Aleppo soap l'Aventurier

    When you go on an adventure, you can't take soap, shampoo, toothpaste, washing powder, dishwashing liquid... Save weight and money with the Adventurer's soap!

    Enriched with organic Argan oil, this multi-purpose Aleppo soap is a must-have for travellers. Its formula, nourishing and adapted to all skin types, will suit everyone.

    Made in France and certified organic.

    Net weight: 220g.

    Sodium Olivate*, Aqua, Sodium Laurus Nobilate*, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil*, Sodium Hydroxide

    *made from organic ingredients

    As a cleanser: apply to face, body and hair, massage and rinse.

    For clothes: soak the fabric in water and then rub the soap directly onto it.

    For dishes: lather and rub with or without a sponge.

    Born in 2004, Alepia offers a wide range of Aleppo soaps and natural cosmetics combining tradition, authenticity and effectiveness. Formulated with the least possible ingredients, our products are healthy and certified organic, natural and vegan. Dare to be natural!


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