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    copy of Natural Siwak toothbrush


    This amazing Siwak stick, will make you throw away your synthetic toothbrush and chemical toothpaste.

    Abandon your certainties and opt for this simple and natural way, used for centuries to clean and care for your teeth and gums. Siwak replaces the toothbrush and toothpaste. It can be used anywhere, as no water is required for its use.

    Siwak, twice recommended by the World Health Organisation, radically removes plaque without damaging (unlike nylon fibres) your teeth and gums, protects the enamel and has a preventive effect on the formation of plaque and cavities

    The secret of Siwak lies in the fact that it contains natural active substances which make it particularly suitable for oral hygiene.

    Originates from Pakistan.

    Available with or without case.

    Net weight: 10 or 20g.

    Salvadora persica

    For ease of use, when using for the first time, you can remove the thin bark at one end over a length of 1 cm. You can also soak this end in fresh water for a few hours if the wood is dry.

    Chew the end of the Siwak until the fibres come apart like a toothbrush.

    Your Siwak is ready to use: rub each tooth face to face.

    Do not store in the package, but rather in the open air.

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