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Aleppo Shampoo with 40% of laurel

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Aleppo shampoo with 40% of Laurel Berries oil. All the sweetness and virtues of Aleppo soap in an organic Shampoo enriched with laurel bay oil. It effectively cleanses the scalp and sanitizes.

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No-poo shampoo from Aleppo with 40% of Laurel berry oil.

Properties: it is a shampoo without SLS, without silicones, without preservative!
It is unique in the world. Compare its ingredients with those of commercial shampoos, even organic, and you will see the difference. It is composed of pure saponified oils, and without any chemicals or even those approved by the reference frame Bio Cosmos. It is thanks to a very sophisticated technique of saponification very slow, and very respectful of the oils that we obtained this remarkable shampoo of Aleppo so soft for your hair.

Learn how to appreciate this product and take full advantage of it, and gradually regain the original nature of your hair.

In case of limestone water:
Our shampoos do not contain EDTA, or other anti-limestone chemical, to preserve your health and the environment. On the other hand, they are preferably used with slightly mineralized water.

If your water is hard, it is highly recommended to buy this anti-lime device very economical and ecological, which adapts very easily on the shower head.
The fresh water with our shampoos allows a more effective washing. In addition, it allows to use less shampoo, for a quality foam.

Use: Wet your hair, apply No-poo shampoo, massage the scalp.

For the first use, you can dilute the shampoo: 1 spoon of shampoo in 5 spoons of mineralized water (if your tap water is limestone you can use the water of the iron, or Volvic or Cristalline).

Rinse thoroughly. Preferably with little mineralized water.

Finish with a rinse with vinegar water: 4 spoons of vinegar (preferably cider) in a glass of water. It is important to thoroughly rinse the hair before vinegar rinse because it, being acid, can transform the residual shampoo into oil and make the hair greasy.

It takes time for the hair to get used to organic. Your hair being used to chemical shampoos, it takes sometimes 3 weeks or even more, of 100% natural shampoo to really appreciate it.

For beautiful soft hair, I advise you to complete this treatment with the detangling conditioner Alepia. This silicone-free after shampoo can also be used alone, and replace the shampoo.

You can save money and replace the conditioner by:
One last rinse with water vinegar (or lemon): 1 glass of water + 3 tablespoons of vinegar (or lemon), then wipe the hair directly (the smell of vinegar disappears in a few minutes) or after an ultimate rinse with tap water.

A message from Dr. Constantini, Founder of Alepia:

What is the No-poo?
No-poo means ''No shampoo'', it initiates wish to preserve your health and the environment.

Indeed, shampoos, even organic certified, contains chemicals: Chemical detergents, silicones, preservatives, dyes, perfumes...

Our ''shampoos'', which in reality are not because they are exclusively composed of saponified oils, are no-poo.

Aqua (Water), Potassium Olivate, Potassium Laurus Nobilate, Glycerin, Potassium Hydroxide.

Capacity: 250 ml


shampoing No-poo 40% laurier

Shampoing vraiment très doux, cheveux pas du tout agressé. Mousse moins car il ne contient pas les ingrédients classiques et nocifs comme les sulfates et silicones, etc...
C'est ma deuxième commande et je suis très satisfaite de cette marque ; bons produits simples fabriqués en France, rapidité et suivis de livraison au rendez - vous, et enfin les promos sont de vraies promos !!!
Continuez comme ça, moi j'en parle autour de moi.
A.V du sud de la France

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    Aleppo Shampoo with 40% of laurel

    Aleppo Shampoo with 40% of laurel

    Aleppo shampoo with 40% of Laurel Berries oil. All the sweetness and virtues of Aleppo soap in an organic Shampoo enriched with laurel bay oil. It effectively cleanses the scalp and sanitizes.


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