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Alum stone powder - Re-sealable bag

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The ULTIMATE solution against sweaty smells, and 100% natural.

The natural Alum stone is an excellent body deodorant because of its double effect : it has a "bacteriostatic" effect, that is to say that it inhibits the proliferation of skin bacteria responsible for fermentation and bad odours, and it allows to tone up the skin and to tighten the pores, which protects you from any excess of perspiration.

Instructions for use: Simply apply the natural Alum stone to damp skin (armpits, feet) as the stone is water soluble. It is very well tolerated by the most sensitive skin.

It can also be used as a refill for the presentation in a powder case.

Origin : Syria.

Net weight : 150g.


Potassium Alum


En déodorant : se laver au préalable au savon d’Alep, car la pierre d’Alun ne masque pas les odeurs, elle empêche leur apparition. Appliquer ensuite directement la poudre sur la peau (aisselles, pieds…).

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