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Crystalline alum stone

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This beautiful Alum stone is cut from a very pure and crystalline rock.

It is the best quality. Long-lasting and aesthetic.

Alum stone acts against the proliferation of skin bacteria responsible for unpleasant odours and reduces perspiration in the long term, but without blocking it.

Thanks to its hygienic presentation in a case, you can take your alum stone everywhere.

As a deodorant, you must first wash well with Aleppo soap, because the stone does not mask odours, it prevents their appearance. Simply apply the natural alum stone to damp skin (armpits, feet, face...) as the stone is water soluble.

Recommended for all skin types, even sensitive.

Origin : Panama.

Net weight : 75g.


Potassium Alum.


Appliquer la pierre d’Alun naturelle sur la peau humide (aisselles, pieds, visage…).

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