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Alum stone - Galet

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Alum stone is a mineral composed of potassium salt and aluminium. It is natural and contains no aluminium chlorohydrate.

This crystal with astonishing properties has a double action: it inhibits the proliferation of skin bacteria responsible for fermentation and bad odours, while at the same time reducing, but not blocking, perspiration, which is necessary for the elimination of toxins and the regulation of temperature.

Suitable for sensitive skin.

Syrian origin.

Weight : 100g.


Potassium Alum


En déodorant : se laver au préalable au savon d’Alep, car la pierre d’Alun ne masque pas les odeurs, elle empêche leur apparition. Mouiller ensuite la pierre et appliquer directement sur la peau (aisselles, pieds…).

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