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Anti-limescale device for pipes

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This device produces "soft" water: The limescale remains suspended in the water, but it no longer adheres to the walls of the water pipes, and can no longer react with soap. It protects against scale deposits in pipes, hot water tanks, water heaters, washing machines, etc.

For more efficiency we recommend the installation of several pairs of magnetic jaws on the water supply pipe: Fix two devices 10 cm apart on the pipe, plus one on the pipe that supplies the shower, washing machine or dishwasher...
The 2 strongly magnetised ceramic jaws create a magnetic field that changes the polarisation of the mineral salts suspended in the water, thus preventing the formation of limescale. Thanks to this device, water pipes are protected from damage caused by limescale deposits, which shorten the life of boilers, hot water tanks, sanitary facilities, taps, washing machines, coffee machines, etc. Can be adapted to all pipes, even PVC. It is completely maintenance-free and completely economical as it does not require any electrical power.



Fixer les 2 mâchoires de l’anticalcaire magnétique sur le tuyau d’arrivée d’eau, après le compteur. Les deux mâchoires qui sont face à face doivent s’attirer.

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