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Black multi-purpose soap - 5L can

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The pure olive oil black soap, best suited to clean everything in the house.

An overpowered biodegradable multi-purpose cleanser that preserves the environment. For all kinds of surfaces, workplans, hoods, trays, tiled floors, parquets, linoleum, cars, and boats.  100% natural, its pH fits perfectly to the cleaning of house pets (dogs, horses...). A nice and silky coat for a healthy pet !

Made in France

Capacity: 5L


Aqua (Water), Potassium Olivate, Glycerin, Potassium Hydroxide


For all kinds of surfaces (workplans, hoods, trays, tiled floors, parquets, linoleum…) drop approximately 20 mL of the product in 4 L of hot water.

In order to clean cars and boats… drop 20 to 60 mL in 2 L of hot water.

Born in 2004, Alepia offers a wide range of Aleppo soaps and natural cosmetics combining tradition, authenticity and effectiveness. Formulated with the least possible ingredients, our products are healthy and certified organic, natural and vegan.
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