Once upon a time…

The Aleppo soap at the origin of the Alepia range was the first soap invented in the world, 3000 years ago.

It has always been made using the same traditional method: cooking in a cauldron, then maturing for 9 months, and with the same ingredients, olive oil and bay laurel oil.

Moisturizing, it is ideal for dry and hypoallergenic skin.

From this soap, we have developed a range of liquid Aleppo soaps, no-poo shampoos, creams, vegetable oils, essential oils…

Adopt natural cosmetics!

Our bodies are assaulted daily by soaps containing animal fats, shampoos with detergents and silicones, creams with stabilisers and other chemical preservatives, sun creams with nanoparticles, allergenic detergents that make our planet sick…

Why buy expensive cosmetics, full of stabilizers, detergents, dyes and preservatives?


I invite you to consider cosmetics differently, through simple and authentic pleasures.

Consume less and opt for quality, natural and healthy ingredients.

It’s another way of living, full of common sense and passionately ecological.

Dare to be natural!


Biological doctor.

When I had the opportunity to create an entirely new skincare brand, I assembled a team of skincare experts with one mission in mind: to radically change the industry’s codes.
The world of cosmetics has developed with often misleading promises and uncertain chemicals. We have therefore chosen to go back to basics.

Our ingredients

At Alepia, all our soaps are made from vegetable fats of the highest quality. We select as much as possible local raw materials, respectful of the environment and health, in accordance with the Alepia charter: ethical and responsible.

Our packaging

Because the preservation of the planet is important to us, we limit our packaging as much as possible, and when it is necessary, we use recyclable packaging. Thus, our products will be delivered in Kraft boxes, glass or PET bottles, all recyclable.

Our commitments

Ethical and responsible, we are a company with strong human values and in which commitments are real. Thus, in addition to some of our fair trade products, we are also members of several associations working for the protection of humans, animals and the environment.