Lessive de savon d'Alep concassé en poudre 800g 40 lavages View larger

Aleppo soap powder 800g 40 washes

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Aleppo Soap powder (100% pure Aleppo soap, 100% biodegradable) for a healthy and ecological detergent. These are crushed Aleppo soap flakes. 40 machine washes for medium dirty clothes

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Aleppo soap detergent, exclusively made from powdered Aleppo soap

Many people have irritated skin without knowing why, redness, pimples, itching. Often this comes from the trade and / or fabric softener!

40 washes for a moderately dirty cloth. (And even more: read our tips below)

Washing with Aleppo soap does not cost more than chemical laundry.



1 ° Formula 100% Aleppo Soap

The Aleppo soap detergent contains no perfume (often sources of allergy), nor any chemical surfactants (often aggressive for the skin). Without preservatives, without dyes, this laundry combines simplicity and authenticity.

2 ° Suitable for all types of laundry, even the most delicate

Usable by hand or machine: 3 tablespoons is enough for a machine.
Aleppo soap soap powder (flakes) is particularly suitable for baby clothes.
Without glycerin, it is perfect for washing washable diapers.

3 ° Preserve the environment

Of course without phosphates without detergents without chemicals, 100% biodegradable, it is the ecological product par excellence.



A sachet of 800 g of soap Aleppo soap powder (flakes).



100% Aleppo Soap

Sodium olivate, sodium laurate, aqua, sodium hydroxide (INCI nomenclature, refer to http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/cosmetics/cosing/)



Dosage for a washing cycle between 30 ° C and 90 ° C (4 to 5 kg of laundry):

lightly soiled linen (this is often the case nowadays) = 2 tablespoons of laundry or 60 washes

moderately dirty laundry = 3 tablespoons of laundry or 40 washes

very dirty laundry = 4 tablespoons of laundry or 30 washes

Add 1 tablespoon of lye for moderately hard water and 2 tablespoons of lye for hard water.

How to use: Use as a conventional powder detergent, in the laundry tub or directly on the laundry in the drum. In case of cold washing or low temperature, it is advisable to dissolve the dose of detergent in 1L of hot water and wash by hand or pour into the drum of the machine.


Our tips to reduce the amount of laundry and increase the number of washes:

- Do not overload the machine: You will wash much better and you will wrinkle much less.

- Pre treat difficult stains: Simply with an Aleppo soap, the most effective stain remover. The one we advise to detach is the pure olive Aleppo soap.

- Check the hardness of your water: If your water is soft, then you can reduce the dose, and therefore do more washes.


If you follow these tips, washing with Aleppo soap will cost you less than with a chemical laundry, which has a high ecotoxicity and is responsible for allergies, in adults and especially in children.

Say no to phosphates, phophonates, TAED, optical brighteners, perfumes, dyes ...

Come back to nature she will return it to you in the most beautiful way.


THE CONSUMER'S CORNER: Aleppo soap powder detergent is self-sufficient, but here are some tips for those who want to make big savings to further reduce the amount of laundry for even softer laundry, cleaner, and a bright white:

- A softener pleasant and without risk of allergy (Commercial softeners are very allergenic): Put white vinegar and if you want your laundry is scented, a few drops of lavender essential oil in the softener compartment.


- To obtain a brilliant white: Add 4 CS of Sodium percarbonate in the laundry compartment.


If your water is too calcareous: Put 4 CS of carbonate of soda in the drum

Did you know? For anecdote, in Aleppo, there is a fabulous bread soup (called Tesseqieh), olive oil with a pinch of soda ash, which can be enjoyed at breakfast accompanied by a plate of raw onions, radishes, and gherkins in vinegar!


- To increase the staining power on colored textiles at low temperatures: Add 4 CS of baking soda in the laundry compartment

Finally a last tip to further reduce the amount of laundry: neutralize the limestone water by two devices:

- Put two magnetic washing balls in the drum of the machine.

- and / or Fix an anti-limescale device on your pipe


If these solutions may seem tedious because they require preparation, or a change of habit, they are not mandatory. Laundry is used very well alone.



Alepia : Osez le Naturel ! ®



Un produit 100% qualité. Laisse le linge parfaitement propre sans l'agresser. On voit la différence avec les épouvantables lessives chimiques.

  • 2 out of 2 people found this review useful.

Sain et économique

50 gr de savon et 1l d'eau chaude : et voilà mon linge est nickel! Merci car cela m'évite de râper le savon

  • 7 out of 7 people found this review useful.

J'en suis très contente

J'ai commander cette lessive pour le respect de la peau étant sans produit chimique et aussi au niveau écologique.je la dilue dans 1 litre d'eau bien chaude je la prépare à l'avance pour qu'elle se dissout bien et j'ajoute 3 gouttes d'huile essentielle mais sans elle est très bien aussi elle ne laisse pas de mauvaise odeur du tout une odeur de propre c'est tout je recommande vivement cette lessive

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Dommage, que les personnes qui donnent des avis désobligeants , ne sachent parler le français

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Surtout n hésité pas , je viens de faire ma lessive avec une odeur parfaite du savon d Alep , mélanger avec de l eau chaude du bicarbonate de soude, des cristaux de soude .... c est génial vraiment. Économique , bio, à faire ou à essayer. Sa lave très bien ( Attention il en faut peu) .

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Parfait, efficace et écologique

Tout est dans le titre ;) !! Efficace même à basse température :) Je recommande vivement :)!

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800 gr ?

J ai commande cette lessive qui annoncé 800 gr , en fait je l ai pèse il n y a que 700 gr c est du fourrage de gueule vu le prix ......
Très déçue je ne recommanderais pas chez vous !!

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Parfait, je recommande !!

Tout aussi efficace que les lessives chimiques, et tellement plus naturel ! Ma fille ne fait plus d’allergies et en + c’est bon pour l’environnement et économique, alors je recommande vivement, personnellement je n’acheterai plus autre chose que cette lessive là

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Aleppo soap powder 800g 40 washes

Aleppo soap powder 800g 40 washes

Aleppo Soap powder (100% pure Aleppo soap, 100% biodegradable) for a healthy and ecological detergent. These are crushed Aleppo soap flakes. 40 machine washes for medium dirty clothes

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