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The luxury shaving case with badger

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Smooth, clean skin without irritation: Shaving naturally becomes a pleasure.

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Shaving pack with badger It consists of: - 1 Shaving Badger Best Badger Alepia. - 1 special Aleppo soap shave 60g - 1 shaving oil 100% Nigella (Nigella oil) 110ml - 1 haemostatic alum stone 110g In a beautiful black and gold box.

Shaving Badger Best Badger Alepia. A great value for this handmade badger, very nice selected for you by Alepia to make the most of the shaving soap Aleppo. Best badger hairs (gray first choice). Gray bristles of high quality, ensuring a soft contact.

Size: Medium: total height of 10cm, height of the tuft 5.5 cm, low diameter 35 mm, maximum diameter of the tuft 5 cm Black resin handle This badger makes it possible to assemble a very beautiful mousse with Aleppo soap. The emulsion produced straightens the hair and prepares it for the passage of the razor. The name "Best badger" is a very good quality of hair. This is the quality of the hair used by the good shaving badger producers. The density of hair allows him to create a thick foam of very good quality, far superior to the pure standard badger.

Height: 100mm Handle: 46mm Handle (diameter): 35mm.

Aleppo soap with beard for mechanical shaving. This is the heart of traditional Aleppo soap that is used for this special soap.

Ingredients: Sodium olivate (olive oil), aqua (water), sodium laurate (bay laurel oil), sodium hydroxide (traces of natural soda extracted from seawater) Weight 60 grams Nigella oil L Nigella oil contains unsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins A and E, as well as mineral salts. It has soothing, regenerating and vitalizing properties. It is particularly indicated for sensitive skin. Ingredients INCI: Nigella sativa oil Capacity: 100 ml The stone of AlunA ALUM STONE Alepia is the true mineral from the natural quarries of Syria. 100% NATURAL. Its astringent, haemostatic and antiseptic activity makes it an essential ally for shaving.

Ingredients: Potassium alum Pods: 110g Use: The art of mechanical shaving 1) Preparation of the skin It is best to start with a good shower In the shower and under the action of water vapor, the hair will soften, the pores will open and relax their embrace. Enjoy the shower to cleanse and purify your skin with a liquid Aleppo soap preferably Aleppo soap with 40% bay bay oil. Then pass on the skin Nigella oil, on the skin of the face still wet with hot water:

First drop a drop of black oil (a pressure of vapo) in the hand and heat the oil in you rubbing hands palm palm tale. Then massage the entire area to shave. Do not rinse. Wet the hair of the badger with warm water, make the foam of Aleppo beard soap rise and spread it on the beard in circular motions. Apply shaving soap with your special Aleppo Soap Best Badger over the thin layer of Nigella oil. You can now shave with surprising ease. You will not feel any greasy feeling on your skin that will be soft and moisturized.

Variation: Instead of applying black oil with your hands on your face, you can put the drop on the soap before you lift the foam. 2) Shaving Then shave in the direction of the hair and often clean the blade under a thin stream of hot water. 3)

After shaving: Rinse the face thoroughly with cold water to close the pores. Wet the Alum stone and slowly pass it over the skin. It is the best after-shave care, it moisturizes dry skin and regulates the secretion of sebum oily skin. It is antiseptic and astringent, it soothes the razor burn. Its astringent action avoids the effects of ingrown hairs and its coagulating action prevents bleeding after small shaving cuts. Furthermore. she fights the little pimples. The association Aleppo beard soap, black nigella oil, badger badger, and alum stone form the square for a perfect shave! Alepia: The best of Nature

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The luxury shaving case with badger

The luxury shaving case with badger

Smooth, clean skin without irritation: Shaving naturally becomes a pleasure.

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