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Alepia® Aleppo Shaving Soap

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Aleppo shaving soap for mechanical shaving. It is the heart of the traditional Aleppo soap that is used for this special soap.

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Aleppo soap for mechanical shaving.


What's healthier and more natural than shaving with Aleppo soap!


Composition: Sodium olivate (saponified olive oil), Aqua (water), Sodium laurate (saponified bay oil), sodium hydroxide (traces of soda from saponification)

Weight: 60 grams


Use advice: The art of mechanical shaving

1) Preparation of the skin

It is best to start with a good shower

Under the shower and under the action of water vapor, the hair will soften, the pores will open and relax their embrace. Enjoy the shower to cleanse and purify your skin with a liquid Aleppo soap preferably Aleppo soap with 40% bay bay oil.

Then pass on the skin Nigella oil, on the skin of the face still wet with hot water: First drop a drop of black oil (a pressure of vapo) in the hand and heat the oil in you rubbing hands palm palm tale. Then massage the entire area to shave. Do not rinse.

Apply Shaving Soap with your Badger Special Badger Special Aleppo Soap over the thin layer of Nigella Oil ..

You can now shave with surprising ease.

You will not feel any greasy feeling on your skin.


2) Shaving

Wet the hair of the badger with warm water, make the foam of Aleppo beard soap rise and spread it on the beard in circular motions.

Then shave in the direction of the hair and often clean the blade under a thin stream of hot water.


3) After shaving:

Thoroughly rinse the face with cold water to close the pores.

Wet the Alum stone and slowly pass it over the skin.

It is the best after-shave care, it is astringent and soothes the razor burn.

Its astringent action makes it possible to avoid the effects of ingrown hairs.

Alepia: The best of Nature!

Trop bien!

Rien à redire. Satisfaite pour la qualité recherchée. Composition au top. Mon seul et unique regret qui fait perdre une étoile...
C est que au lieu de le recevoir en vrac, boîtier carton recyclé ou papier kraft recyclé, C est qu'il est envelopper sous clim plastique! Et pour moi qui me tourne vers le zéro déchet... ça pour le coup ça ne le fait pas. Restez simple et minimaliste!

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Alepia® Aleppo Shaving Soap

Alepia® Aleppo Shaving Soap

Aleppo shaving soap for mechanical shaving. It is the heart of the traditional Aleppo soap that is used for this special soap.

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