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Premium Eucalyptus black soap.

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Born 3,000 years ago in Aleppo in Syria, Black Soap later arrived in Morocco in the Essaouira region.

This flagship product of the hammam ritual in the form of a natural paste prepares the skin for exfoliation, making it soft and luminous.

Delicately scented with Eucalyptus essential oil, this black soap made from olive oil moisturises, nourishes and removes dead skin and impurities in depth. As a cleansing treatment, it calms and softens the skin.

Recommended for all skin types.

Made in France and certified organic.

Capacity : 200 mL.


Aqua (Water), Potassium Olivate*, Glycerin*, Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil, Limonene, Potassium Hydroxide

*fabriqué à partir d’ingrédients biologiques


Assouplir la peau dans de l’eau chaude (bain/douche) quelques min. Répartir le savon sur la peau et laisser poser au moins 5 min. Rincer puis frotter énergiquement avec le gant Kessa afin d’éliminer impuretés et cellules mortes.

Pour une meilleure utilisation, conserver ce produit à température ambiante.

Born in 2004, Alepia offers a wide range of Aleppo soaps and natural cosmetics combining tradition, authenticity and effectiveness. Formulated with the least possible ingredients, our products are healthy and certified organic, natural and vegan.
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