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Konjac sponge

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The Konjac sponge is 100% vegetable. An indispensable beauty favorite!

It provides a gentle exfoliation and erases imperfections and blackheads.
It cleans in-depth and gently, unclogs pores without damaging them and prevents the appearance of skin problems or oily skin. It cleans perfectly and provides a gentle exfoliation, even without soap!
You can also use it with Aleppo soap, preferably Premium, for facial care.
After use, rinse the sponge and hang it up to dry.

Recommended for all skin types, even sensitive or delicate.

Net weight: 6g.


L’éponge Konjac 100% végétale.


Mouiller à l’eau froide ou tiède et laisser gonfler. Masser en effectuant de petits mouvements circulaires. S’utilise avec ou sans produit nettoyant.

Born in 2004, Alepia offers a wide range of Aleppo soaps and natural cosmetics combining tradition, authenticity and effectiveness. Formulated with the least possible ingredients, our products are healthy and certified organic, natural and vegan.
Dare to be natural!

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