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The power of 3 oils: Argan Nigella Alep

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The powers of the 3 oils, which are Aleppo oil (Olive oil and Bay leaf oil), Nigella oil, Argan oil.

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The power of 3 oils: Argan Nigella Alep

They are obtained with the first cold pressing, good for your skin and hair.
They are complementary, with different powers. You can mix the three oils in order to benefit from to three-in-one powerful actions


Nigella Oil - 100ml

  • Description :
    A vial of Nigella oil was found in the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun, in fact, Nigella oil since 3500 is seen as a panacea.

    Nigella oil is extracted from the black seed.

  • Properties
    Nigella oil is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids and trace elements, contains 1.4% of molecules belonging to the family of essential oils. It is known for its calming properties and regenerating. It is particularly suitable for dry and sensitive skin. It is also recommended for hair care
    These properties are beneficial for the skin, hair and scalp.

  • use:
    How to use organic Nigella oil for your cosmetics:
    - Facial care: make a circular massage on the face and the neck perfectly cleaned, with a few drops of oil of nigelle, preferably the evening for one month.
    - Body care: after a bath or a scrub, heat the nigella oil in the palm of your hands and massage your body from bottom to top. Two to three times a week.
    - Hair care: Divide nigella oil on the length and let act about 20 minutes before shampooing. Wash and rinse. Once a week.

    An economic and effective good practice: After the shower, spread a small amount of organic nigella oil on the scalp and don't wash
    Some types of
    hair accomodent very much with the oil without a greasy appearance.

  • Présentation:

Bottle of 100 ml with spray

  • Composition :

Nigella sativa seed oil


Organic Argan Oil :Environmentally-Responsible purchase (Alepia engages with NGO Marocavie) - 100ml

  • Description:
    This argan oil is extracted by cold pressing from the fruit of the argan, a tree. For centuries, Berber women use the argan oil for traditionally care (skin and hair). Organic Argan oil Alepia for cosmetics is obtained by cold pressing (1st cold pressing) of unroasted kernels. This Argan oil retains all its vitamins and valuable constituents

  • Properties :

    An anti-aging exceptional
    Organic argan oil, including the antioxidant power of vitamins E, fight against skin-aging. The skin appears younger.

  • Composition :

    * 100% of ingredients are from organic farming.
       100% pure organic argan oil


Oil of Alep: Organic olive oil + laurel oil - 100ml

  • Properties:
    This is a cosmetic oil recommended for all types of skin types: Healthy or problems.
    Oil of Alep is high in monounsaturated fatty acids (oleic acid) and polyunsaturated (linoleic and linolenic acids) and vitamin E. It is alleviating, nutritive and moisturizes the skin. Its properties are similar to Aleppo soap, but it is more powerful.

    it is good to use oil Aleppo with salt from the Dead Sea to make a revitalizing and hardening gumming


  • Composition :
    90% of olea europaea fruit oil (olive oil) 90%, 10% of laurus nobilis fruit oil (oil of bay laurel)


  • Use:
    Clean your skin with soap Aleppo. Dry with a clean linen. Apply Aleppo oil to the skin, massage. A small quantity is enough.
    Also excellent on areas of rough and hardened skin: elbows, feet ...

    The oil of Alep is ideal to make scrubs with salt from the Dead Sea. Mix salt and oil equally. Rub on damp skin. Rinse with water. For hands and face, choose the fine salt, and for the body, choose the medium or fine salt.

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Je ne les mélange pas je les utilise séparément aussi bien pour le corps que les cheveux est toujours après la douche sur cheveux mouillés et corps mouillé ce qui permet une pénétration plus rapide,
Je chauffe toujours un peu les huiles dans le creux de mes mains et je fais des massages circulaires.
Ne pas hésiter quand ce lot est proposé par 3 en promo, très bonne affaire.

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The power of 3 oils: Argan Nigella Alep

The power of 3 oils: Argan Nigella Alep

The powers of the 3 oils, which are Aleppo oil (Olive oil and Bay leaf oil), Nigella oil, Argan oil.

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